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08-21-2019 07:49 PM
Originally Posted by Josiegirl View Post

OT but for the first time ever, I saw the equivalent of a Roomba lawn mower; didn't know there was such a thing!!
I saw one for the first time this summer and I didnít even know they existed and the next day I saw an ad on Hulu for one
08-21-2019 12:15 PM
Originally Posted by Msdunny View Post
I love my Shark upright for heavy duty vacuuming, but would love to try a Roomba for the daily dog hair pickup.
OMG I never realized just how much dog hair falls on our floors until we ripped out the carpeting and now with nothing to catch it, there are clumps drifting around everywhere. Maybe someday I'll invest in a Roomba.

OT but for the first time ever, I saw the equivalent of a Roomba lawn mower; didn't know there was such a thing!!
08-21-2019 09:40 AM
Baby Beluga A little warning...I hate dirty floors in my house and I actually enjoy vacuuming

I have an upright shark duo apex and the shark's version of the roomba.

I love the roomba , because I just leave it run through the house. I don't have pets, but I have two kids of my own and inevitably there will be a crumb or hair somewhere. Especially in the bathroom. Myself, DD and DH both shed hair like crazy. I also set it to run in the classroom after nap when we are in the kitchen eating snack. The cots leave imprints on the carpet and I just feel better when the carpets are clean and look fresh. Odd, I know. With the roomba I can program is to run at certain times of the day and it comes with magnetic "tape" that you lay down if you don't want it to go into an area. Since it's programmed, it's no extra work on my part to have it run in the classroom when we are out.

I use my upright about 4 times a day - after breakfast, after lunch, after snack and after my own family dinner. Doesn't take long to do the first 3 as I just do it in our traffic areas. After dinner I vacuum the whole house. The apex comes with two brush rollers, the first one is a soft roller that makes 100% contact with the floor. The second roller is the traditional vacuum roller that has bristles. I adore this vacuum because the first roller that makes 100% contact with the floor allows me to vacuum up food. That is an amazing time saver with kids. Before I was having to sweep, then vacuum. Now I just vacuum. I feel like the floor is cleaner too?
08-21-2019 06:06 AM
Msdunny I love my Shark upright for heavy duty vacuuming, but would love to try a Roomba for the daily dog hair pickup.
02-15-2019 11:06 AM
Originally Posted by hwichlaz View Post
I've had expensive and cheap vacuums of many kinds. expensive work like new for 2 years, cheap work like new for 1 year. Still cheaper to buy a new cheap one every year....
That's where I'm at too. A vacuum repair guy told me once that vacuums simply don't work as well as they get older. I'm not sure why. We just buy cheap until they are not running as well then give them away for free.
02-15-2019 11:04 AM
Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
I would love a Roomba because I have cats but I also don't think it would be ideal for us because we have cats.
Okay, now I want to get one just to see what my cat and doggie will do with it!
02-13-2019 06:53 AM
Blackcat31 I've heard good things about the Neato automatic vacuum....anyone have that brand?
02-13-2019 06:52 AM
Blackcat31 I would love a Roomba because I have cats but I also don't think it would be ideal for us because we have cats.

They leave so much fur around the house it's crazy but I don' think a Roomba would work because they also have a ton of random toys and play things laying around too and I can just see one of those fake furry mice toys being sucked up and stopping the Roomba in it's tracks.

I like the idea of not having to vacuum though!

I have a Dyson Animal cordless. Spent a pretty penny on it. NOT convinced it is any better than my Shark was. I ditched the Shark only because it was corded and the Dyson is cordless. I find I vacuum more because of the ease of just grabbing the Dyson and going... no cord to worry about.

However, I don't think the sucking power is anywhere near what Dyson claims to be.... It rarely gets all the dog hair off the rug and I find I need to use it on "max" power to do a decent job and keeping it on that setting means 15 mins of run time before it dies.

At least once a week/10 days I drag my Kenmore canister vac out and vacuum the whole house. Takes forever and I have to move the cord from one outlet to another at least twice but it does a fantastic job!! It's just so cumbersome.

I have all tile and hardwood floors throughout the house and only have one large area rug in the living room and small (shakable) rugs in other rooms.

I hate vacuuming.
02-12-2019 04:33 PM
hwichlaz I've had expensive and cheap vacuums of many kinds. expensive work like new for 2 years, cheap work like new for 1 year. Still cheaper to buy a new cheap one every year....
02-12-2019 10:16 AM
Josiegirl I'm in the market for another vacuum too. I almost bought a Dyson once but was put off by the rude 'don't have time for you' air from the salesman so bought a cheapie off amazon, plus a carpet steamer all for much less than I would've paid for the Dyson. It lasted maybe 3-4 years, still works just not as well. Then I bought another cheapie at Walmart, on sale for 45 bucks. It's about 3-4 yo so will probably buy another cheapie this yr at some point. I usually get the Hoover brand or something similar. They work well enough for me and what I need them for.
02-12-2019 05:55 AM
gumdrops I love my Roomba, but would not have that as my only vacuum. I like my regular vacuum for spot cleaning, getting under furniture and a real quick sweep over before company comes.

I have a Dyson, but I think my next one will just be a cheap one that I can replace for cheap!
02-12-2019 05:49 AM
kendallina I have a regular vacuum and just got a room at for Christmas- I looooooove it! Set it at 5:00 while I'm making dinner and I no longer have to vacuum in the morning before everyone gets here. Also can easily set it for my family's part of the house and have it run during the day while I'm with the kids.

I do not like running it at night because sometimes it gets caught on something and if I'm sleeping then I can't fix the problem.

I wouldn't have this as my only vacuum though. It takes about an hour to vacuum my preschool room, which I can do in less than 10 minutes with a regular vacuum.
02-11-2019 12:45 PM
Ariana I spent a lot and got a Dyson a few years ago. I just donated it to someone who knows someone who can fix it. Long story short I will never buy an expensive vacuum again. My new vacuum was $80 a Bissell upright from Amazon. Works really well and easy to clean all the parts. When it konks out I will buy another cheap one!

I love the idea of a Roomba but I just donít believe they work as well as people claim. JMO
02-11-2019 12:38 PM
jenboo I wouldnt give up my kirby for the world!
02-11-2019 10:36 AM
storybookending I loveeee my robot vacuum. I bought the deebot brand as it had similar ratings to a Roomba but was cheaper. I love it so much I bought the same brand for my mom for Christmas. She also loves it. Hers has touble finding its ďhomeĒ on its own when it needs to be recharged but her house is also twice the sq footage of mine. Mine has only not found home one time. My house is semi open concept so when I want it to clean just the dining room after nap I just put my throw pillows on the floor to block it from entering the living room. Iíve only got out my upright maybe twice since switching and one of those times was only to do the stairs. One of my daycare kids (youngest, almost 17 months) is deathly afraid of it but the others would just lay down and watch it for hours if I let them!
02-11-2019 10:33 AM
Cat Herder Shark upright.

I have two Navigator Pro's, now. I love that I can toss the filters in the wash with mopheads and bleach, daily, to keep illness transmission down. A quick spritz with clorox anywhere in the canister after dumping, rinse, air dry. I have one for the playroom, one for our personal space.

I buy the replacement filters listed below the image at amazon about once per year. I cycle 3 sets at a time. I also toss a dryer sheet between them each day to fresen the room air.
02-11-2019 10:25 AM
Ms.Kay Looooooovvvvvveeeee my roomba!!! I can clean the kitchen or walk the dogs amd vacuum at the same time. I have 2 shedding dogs...does great. Every Sunday i break it down to clean it..maybe 10 min. I usually do one room at a with baby gates
02-11-2019 10:04 AM
ivoo I'm looking for a new vacuum cleaner ... because my old one has just given up the ghost the other day. Now the robot vacuum cleaner trend is very active. Which one would you rather buy a Robot vacuum cleaner or the normal one? I'm still not sure which one to buy but I also want to hear your personal experience.
Maybe it's worthwhile buying both what do you think?

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