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06-13-2011 05:51 PM
TBird I must say that every now and again we all get that one set of parents or parent that just irks the CR*P out of us!!! It just boggles the mind that you would want to aggravate, dig at, and belittle the person who is taking care of what is supposed to be your most precious gift. Sometimes I wonder if these type of people really value their children above all else or not....

It's little annoying stuff but if I could find a way out (like her dropping down to part time) I would SOOOOOO grab it and run!!!
06-13-2011 03:56 PM
Unregistered I agree with some of the other comments. As soon as I was able to fill her spots with f/t kids, I would give her notice and explain you needed to look out for the best interest of your business. She decided to change what was originally agreed upon without even asking you, so I wouldn't feel bad about terminating her at all. Speaking from experience, situations like this typically only get worse and the resentment will build! It's not worth it.
06-13-2011 03:06 PM
Meyou I would use her dropping from FT to PT as an excuse to term too. You've put up with changes and BS as well as income loss over the spots for almost a year. You're more than justified letting this family go for being annoying.
06-13-2011 12:24 PM
Blackcat31 Well, my personal advice would be to use "her" choice to terminate her. She chose to drop to part time vs fulltime and when you fill those spaces, just tell her that since you couldn't possibly pass up full timer(s) you are giving her notice so she can find day care that better suits her needs (ie; part-time care).

She can't really be mad about it because you aren't her friend and you would only be doing what is best for your business and she can't fault you for that. After all, you were more than accommodating for her to do what was best for her family with all the little exceptions you let slide.

I would, however, call and give your licensor a heads-up BEFORE you term so that she can be ready for any possible backlash...kwim?

I have one like this too. Good payers, good kids, but the mom is so condesending it is awful! She also shows up when she isn't suppose to and says little things that are down right rude but does it with a smile like that makes it all okay.... I guess I am only biding my time because both kids will be in school full time in the fall and I am not really looking to transition any new kiddos until after summer is over.

Hang in there and hopfully your phone will start ringing soon!!!
06-13-2011 11:54 AM
SilverSabre25 yeah, i was going to term a family for being annoying in a bunch of little (and a couple big) ways. That was in april and is the family that quit with no notice and refused to pay me, and who I really need to take to court if I can ever get to the courthouse to file the claim.

sounds like planning on terming this one is the right way to go.
06-13-2011 11:49 AM
Christian Mother Sorry hun sounds like this lady is only going to get worse. I would start advertising now to get a diff. family in. Then give notice. Things sound like they will just get worse over time. It sounds to me that this lady isn't really annoying but down right rude. There is only so much you can take of parents taking advantage or being disrespectful before they are out of childcare. Do what you need to to get another family in there and then term her. If you want to try and work things out I would call a meeting and make some changes to your phb and explain to her what your rules are so that you can regain control back in your house. There needs to be consequences for parents that have bad behavior too.
06-13-2011 11:31 AM
DCMom terminated a family JUST because they annoy you in a million little ways?

She annoyed me at the interview; but to fill an infant and preschool spot full time with the possibility of the third child in the future, I didn't listen to 'the little voice in my head'

They signed the paperwork last April with a promise to start the preschooler in the summer. That changed in June; they didn't want to start until September 'but I'm sure you can fill the spot with a school-ager'. Sucked it up and filled the spot with a school ager ( I didn't have room for the baby until September)

Preschooler starts in September, baby is due in October and to start January. Preschooler full time during maternity leave and I will hold the infant spot till then. Until the baby comes. "Can we just do 3 days; I really want to spend some quality time with preschooler" (Translation: I don't want to pay you) but how do you argue with that? So, I am now making $96 on $320 worth of spots. Once again I suck it up and look forward to January.

Everyone is back full-time in January; things a little rocky but I just chalk it up to transition. I come back from vacation the first week of March to an email stating that she has decided that since she has been on vacation with the dck's, she is going to talk to her boss and drop down to part time. Three days a week and how much would that be. Not, 'Can I?' or "What do you think?" Just I'm doing this.

Since the phone hasn't been ringing off the hook for kids lately, starting July 1st they will be part time. But the way this whole situation has played out just irritates me! Last Friday was the last straw; she was off, brought the kids 2 hours late (no phone call) informed me that she would be picking them up at 2pm (heart of quiet time) and 'we don't want the kids to nap because we want them to sleep on the way to the resort.'

I told her sorry ~ it's either 1pm or 3pm but not 2pm and the baby will be sleeping on a regular schedule. Well, you can guess her reaction. Said she would try to get here by 1pm. Guess what time she picked up? That's right...2pm on the dot with a smirk on her face. It's just the latest in a long line of little passive/aggressive digs, comments and actions and I am just done with it. I need to get rid of them before my dh's divorces me for b!tching about her every night.

I listed the full time spots today. I don't plan on terminating until I have the spots filled because my dh's job is a little iffy right now, but I want a letter ready to go. They aren't blatant rule breakers. They don't pay late, they don't pick up late, there are no real behavior issues with the kids, I actually really love them especially the baby. Mom's condescending attitude just annoys the crap out of me. Every. Single. Day.

I realize that I have no one to blame but myself for letting it go this far. I kept hoping the situation would work itself out, but I realize now that I can't work with this woman at double the money. I will end it, but I need to end it tactfully because this woman will go to the county and try to make trouble. She is the type.

Any words of wisdom ladies?

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