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10-18-2017 05:04 PM
HappyEverAfter Turns out I was concerned over nothing. I checked him at drop off and the rash was almost gone, as in I really had to search to even see it. DCM says she thinks his skin was irritated by his diaper and pants. I know what diaper rash looks like and that was NOT diaper rash, but whatever. It was totally gone by the end of the day. No fever whatsoever today either.
Thanks all for the advice though-much appreciated!
10-18-2017 06:23 AM
Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
HFM can be shed for WEEKS so pin pointing where it came from is pointless.

It can also be shed from those showing NO signs of having it so again, the likelihood of knowing exactly where DCK caught it is pretty vast.

I exclude for ANY symptoms regardless of where a child was exposed or where they supposedly got it from.
Exactly this! Exclude for symptoms.
10-18-2017 06:23 AM
Second Home HFM just went through all my DCK . I excluded a minimum of 7 days and until all the blisters had to be dried up . I did offer 1 family half off their fee ( they refused and paid me the full amount) .
10-18-2017 06:10 AM
Blackcat31 HFM can be shed for WEEKS so pin pointing where it came from is pointless.

It can also be shed from those showing NO signs of having it so again, the likelihood of knowing exactly where DCK caught it is pretty vast.

I exclude for ANY symptoms regardless of where a child was exposed or where they supposedly got it from.
10-18-2017 03:06 AM
Josiegirl Unless dh is a partner in your business, do what your contract says and what's best for all, you get to call the shots. And yes, my contract says payment is for enrollment, not attendance. It doesn't matter where a child contracts any sickness because just think of all the gray areas and manipulation by dcps that can cause.
I would exclude as soon as it's been diagnosed or you have a strong feeling of what it is, until most of the blisters have scabbed over. Trouble is they're already contagious by the time that happens and for a good amount of time afterwards. But often, that's the same with any sickness/disease. You can only do what you can do.
10-17-2017 08:37 PM
AmyKidsCo ITA that you can't say for sure he got it at your house - the other girl didn't so it must be going around the area. I'd exclude and charge just like you did for her.
10-17-2017 06:17 PM
storybookending I wouldnít say Iím seasoned but I would exclude the same that you did for DCG. Whether the child got it at your house is irrelevant, you still donít want to run the risk of your other infant getting it as well.

As for the payment do what is in your policies. Do they normally pay for days they are absent? I wouldnít be concerned with what I did for another family. All of my families are on different (although similar) contracts. Itís not any one families business what I do for another family.

If it is HFM you canít say with certainty that the child fotnit at your house. Parebts take kids all sorts of places it couldíve been picked up from if this is what it actually is. It sounds like you took all necessary precautions with DCG and that she even stayed out a few extra days. I wouldnít blame yourself or feel guilty a all. Kids get each other sick, always have, always will.
10-17-2017 05:53 PM
HappyEverAfter Background info to help you understand my question: I had a DCG who while out on vacation, contracted HFM. She stayed out of daycare for two days beyond what her doctor advised. When she came back, although her rash was very minimal and all blisters dried, I still kept her completely separate from the other two infants that I watch. All other parents were notified of the HFM situation prior to their children being here when DCG was here. I scrubbed and cleaned everything every evening after she left. I washed my hands so much more than normal that my skin is dry and cracking on both hands. Today, I noticed a rash on one of the infants that very well could be HFM. It's in his groin area only but definitely wasn't diaper rash. He didn't have it this morning and I noticed it during diaper change about an hour before pickup. I also took his temperature and it was 99.9. I checked again right before pick up and the rash was still there but his temp was down to 99.6. I showed DCD the rash and mention his temp at pick up but did not say I thought it was HFM. I simply said they needed to watch it and if it spread that he would need to go to the doctor. DCD seemed unconcerned but he honestly isn't allowed to make decisions about DCB. DCM wears the pants in that household.
So, my question is this: If it does turn out to be HFM, I should exclude him in the same manner I excluded the other girl, right? My husband said that seemed unfair since DCB caught it at my house. My thought is that he needs to be excluded as normal because my other infant hasn't caught it and neither have I and to exclude him would protect us from any additional exposure. My handbook policy excludes for HFM and fevers so if I go ahead and exclude him, it's my right according to policy. Also, secondly, if I do exclude, I should still charge the normal rate for the week as I did with the other girl, right? This is also in my handbook policies but again, my husband said it seemed unfair since if he does have HFM he caught it while in my care. I just want to know exactly what I'm going to do if in fact I have to have a conversation with DCM tomorrow and would appreciate some advice from those of you more seasoned than myself.

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