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Christina72684 08-01-2014 12:14 PM

DCM of biter gets mad when own daughter gets bit!
So we have this new 16 month old who is a biter and has left marks on other kids' (arms, legs, and even one girls face). Nothing provokes her and we stop it if we see it coming but we don't catch it every time. So the other day we noticed that she had a mark on her face that looks like a bite. She never cried so we don't know when it happened. We told her mom at pick up and all she said was, "Well good thing we aren't getting pictures for another 3 weeks. It better be gone by then." Seriously?! If I was there instead of my mom I would have shown her the picture of the girl she bit and told her that they had pictures that day (they didn't, but still).

melilley 08-01-2014 01:14 PM

Love when that happens. :rolleyes: They act like what their child does is ok, but when it happens to them...

I had a biter and once the biter got bit and mom said "he's (the biter) probably getting M back for biting him"...:lol:

Josiegirl 08-02-2014 08:37 AM

Ugh, I've had my share of biters and I Loathe it!!! I've never given up on any of them but I did lose a dcf because of 1 biter. And I told the dcf I probably would do the same thing as they were doing(finding other care) but I knew the biter's family was a wonderful family and I didn't want to lose them either. :(

As for your dcm, it just sounds like she was expressing concern about upcoming pictures and not towards her child getting bit? Maybe I'm wrong but that's the impression I got from what you said. If she was mad because her child got bit then I would definitely bring up the fact her precious one is also a biter and she, better than many, should understand about it.

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