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Heart12 08-13-2016 10:02 AM

WWYD? (Long)
I interviewed a pregnant DCM a few months ago & I felt like I had found the perfect family, so I decided to hold the spot & we agreed to start 8/15. I also agreed to NOT charge them for their week vacation. (it was before I found this forum/learned SO MUCH).
2wks ago DCM asked if I would take DCB 2x/wk for 2 weeks & if she could just pay the daily rate & then start full time on the 15th. I agreed because it was extra money until she was going to start full time.
Yesterday DCD drops off & says that he was laid off that morning & wanted to know if I would allow them to start full time 2wks from now & just apply the $ that they have already paid to that week. This would put me at 2 more weeks UNPAID. I told them that since they have already paid for the 1st week of care, they could bring DCB next week. I also told them that if they wanted to use the following week as their "unpaid vacation" that would be fine. I explained to them that Im trying to help them as much as possible, but that I cant afford to keep putting the start date off. Is that fair? What would you have done? I know NOW that I should have never even opened the door to negotiating :( Also, I havent heard back from them since last night about what they have decided to do. Being in limbo has me soooo stressed out at this point. I really like them, but there are TONS of parents looking for infant spots in my area & I am relying heavily on the $ from my infant families. Any advice is so much appreciated!!lovethis

Josiegirl 08-13-2016 10:10 AM

In the past I would've done just as you have, worked with them at the sacrifice of my own pay. I can't do it anymore. :( I would reiterate what you told them before and give them a date to either start ft or you'll have to look for another dcf. I know you like them and that makes it hard but it's also your paycheck, one that has been significantly reduced because you've sacrificed it.
Good luck!!

spedmommy4 08-13-2016 10:48 AM

I agree with the above post. I just tell parents to please give me a call when they are ready to start and see if space is available. I know many do but, I don't hold spaces, paid or unpaid.

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