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familyschoolcare 05-27-2012 02:14 PM

Daycare Using Swing To Put Baby To Sleep
So does anyone know the reg that says in Cal daycares cannot use swings ect. My sister has informed me that her daycare is using a swing to put my nephew to sleep. I understand why my sister says you have to rock him to sleep because he fights it that much. Now to my sister created she does admits that emotional capacity to let the child cry it out.

Also does anyone have an article not why this is not safe.

Unregistered 05-27-2012 04:18 PM

I'm in California. Bouncy seats and exersaucers/jumpers are not allowed but swings still are. At my orientation late last year they said it was because other kids trip over the things causing too many injuries. It has nothing to do with the baby that is actually in it. I was warned that swings will probably be outlawed soon too.

There is, however, a safety issue with letting babies sleep in swings. The position they are in is similar to a car seat (chin to chest) and can cause asphyxiation. My son napped in his swing without issue as did most of the other babies I know among friends and family. Its probably very rare but its a risk and if its not your child you probably shouldn't use it.

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