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dave4him 08-29-2012 07:28 AM

Four Two Year Olds And A One Year Old
In a month i will have a total of four two year olds and a one year old who is walking around along with the mass. The difficulty i find is getting the right groove of teaching down for them. Simply there is a lot of play time, running around, music, story time, sometimes outside time. Just not sure if i need to be directly working with all the colors and shapes and numbers letters. Trying to develop here.

Country Kids 08-29-2012 07:33 AM

I seriously would do tons and tons of outdoor of outdoor time. The best way to teach is by exploring. There is the BLUE sky outside with the WHITE clouds. The grass is GREEN or BROWN right now depending on watering-:D. I water mine every other day and right in the middle is a nice big brown patch!

Anyway, the grass is SOFT the ground is HARD.

Things like that is so teachable and they get to learn while burning off energy.

Otherwise really don't worry about a "curriculum" at this age.

dave4him 08-29-2012 08:18 AM

Once the weather gets a tad bit cooler we will be doing a lot more outside :) Just to get out, the summer kept us in a lot with the heatwave

Blackcat31 08-29-2012 08:31 AM

With kids that age, you are wise to simply take advantage of teachable moments.

Simply interacting with them as they lead the way is the right idea. Take your cues from them and add in little tidbits of education when THEY bring it to your attention.

They don't have very long attention spans so in-depth things are not ideal. Just spend a lot of time stating the proper names of the items they are playing with and interested in.

FOr example when buiding a block tower with them, you can talk about how many blocks it takes or which tower is shortest or blue etc....lots of teachable moments in any type of play.

Promote ALOT self-help skills and proper indetification of objects, body parts, colors, shapes and words.

Remember.... Play IS learning! :)

dave4him 08-29-2012 03:24 PM

All these teachable moments are teaching me so much, like how much i lack in patience and self control :) but we work on it daily. Long as we are all alive by the end of the day, thats good

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