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CheekyChick 08-31-2016 08:37 AM

Sell or Lease Daycare (Home)???

I own a home in Oregon that has been set up as a daycare. I am certified, so the home can accommodate 16 children per day. Besides the second floor (where we live) every inch is covered in murals, built in playhouses (3), etc. It honestly looks like a standard child care facility and most people are shocked that we live here. I am thinking about relocating to a different city (3 hours away) and don't know if I should sell the daycare or lease my property to someone that would like to start a daycare. Does anyone have any advice in this regard? Here are my questions:

1. How would I market a daycare home if I decide to sell?

2. How would I go about leasing a daycare? How much would be a standard lease fee? My mortgage payment is $1,700.00 - so I would like to charge above that price. Any suggestions?

3. If I decide to sell, my home is worth $320,000.00 - how much should I add for the actual business? There is a playground with nice toys, 3 built-in playhouses (inside), cots, desks, storage, cribs, toys, etc. It is extremely well-equipped and ready to go.

Any input would be super helpful. Thank you. :)

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