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Unregistered 10-30-2019 08:08 AM

School District Weather Policy
Local school districts are changing their inclement weather policy to instead of closing for snow days to two hour late starts and early dismal.

I currently have a policy that if schools close for weather our daycare does too. But if they no longer close for snow days how do I decide on if it's bad enough for closure? Thoughts or suggestions?

Cat Herder 10-30-2019 09:58 AM

Ours is doing the same, it is due to the number of kids who depend on school meals as their only meals. They are also emergency shelters so getting the kids there gets them one step ahead of the game. Federal funding.

It may not apply to daycare.

I'd continue to base your closure on safe travel. You don't have the same resources as the school system if the parents can't make it back to pick up.

Conny 10-30-2019 07:49 PM

I think, you should google other school closing policies, they usually describe what they base their decision on (temperatures, wind speed, snow levels) You can adopt those rules for your daycare

LittleExplorers 10-31-2019 07:21 AM

What is your reason for closing? That is a factor for me. Is it road safety, kids getting stuck there etc. We live in the country and are the very last road to be plowed. If school is late, I close. If school closes early, I remain open until parents can safely pick up, but close at my usual time. I remind them of the risk of getting stuck in the drifts on my road as well.

Last year, we closed schools for three says in a row due to bitter cold. I had to run my furnace and my wood stove just to keep the house warm. We even had a dishwasher hose freeze. I can not run my wood stove durijng daycare so I was closed then too.

Unregistered 11-02-2019 04:38 PM

I don't close the daycare for snow days. I am here. I don't need to drive to work. So if parents need my service they bring kids.

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