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sariejohnston 02-29-2012 08:14 PM

I Need Ideas
Hello, I was wondering if anyone could please give me some Ideas, Tips, advice. anything would be so helpful! I work with two year olds i have between 6-7 Kids in my class room. I was wondering what are some activities i can do with them that will keep them busy. I am always looking up new ideas we have done a lot but i could really use some more, my class room is very stressful they don't listen to me at all, Free play usually ends with me stopping it a few mins after it starts because chaos just breaks out usually fighting over toys or someone is pulling hair or climbing on tables, running around the class room. We usually do circle time and centers, or an art project on a normal day but then their are days where they just wont listen or sit still for any amount of time that i can't do it so on those days I go crazy! I Finally went to my director today and vented and told her that I need help that i feel out of control in here it stresses me out to the point when i go home almost everyday i am in tears.. and that i really need this to change, i love my kids but i need help. she told me she would work with me on it and if i ever feel like i am about to break down to come get her and she will let me have a breather maybe switch rooms with her since she is the 3-4 yr old teacher. we have done that twice before because i couldn't handle the stress level. but i really want to try to find solutions to keep these Kids busy and keep my classroom under control and less stressful/chaotic.. So if you have any ideas or advice please share! Thank you so Much!!

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