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Unregistered 02-11-2021 12:08 PM

Tax Question
Had an old client from 5 years ago contact me needing a tax statement from that long ago. Do I have to give it? She got one back then but lost it.

LITTLESTARS 02-11-2021 12:47 PM

No you don't have to give her anything, this person isn't your client anymore and she should be responsible to keep those things in place.

Cat Herder 02-11-2021 01:00 PM

I would not have an issue as mine are now in adobe so can easily be emailed.

If I had to dig through my old filing cabinet and make a copy I'd charge $25.

Snowmom 02-12-2021 09:33 AM

Do you even have the records?
Even the IRS standard for keeping records is 3 years. I'd say NO unless it was easily accessible.

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