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sahm1225 05-31-2019 08:36 PM

Kindervan 6 Kid Stroller?
Does anyone have one of those?

Do you like it? Worth it? I found a great price on a used one but not sure how I will Find place to store it when it’s not in use :eek:... but I want it!

Michael 05-31-2019 09:32 PM

That looks like the best 6 seat stroller I've seen. The seats swivel. $2300 and you might need a parking spot for it.

lovemykidstoo 06-01-2019 09:16 AM

That is really cool. The price though wow!!! I bought a 4 child stroller that i really like because when I have more than 4 if the kids are older (4 or older) they can walk along side. I will say it's a workout though because with 4 kids in it along with the weight of the stroller, we don't go more than a mile lol. Wish it had a small battery that helped it go.

rosieteddy 06-01-2019 12:02 PM

That is awesome.I would have loved that.I had the 5 seat runabout.It was seats like that in a row way to long but pushed better than my double graco.I was able to push it right into my house so no worry about storing.I say if the price is right go for it.

Unregistered 06-02-2019 07:16 PM

I have this, but the four seat model. I love it! All of the seats swivel and can face any direction. It's so easy to push, doesn't feel heavy at all unless on a steep hill. I got mine second hand for $200, so I think $2300 sounds steep, but it is an excellent stroller.

Unregistered 06-02-2019 09:17 PM

Thats looks so cool and i just seen same one for sale by me 6 seats green color for 350. i would love to have it even though i dont need that many seats ,but temporarily in a apt upstairs so its probably to heavy to get it up the stairs

Blackcat31 06-03-2019 06:32 AM

We're only allowed 2 under 2 here so that many seats is completely unnecessary for me.

If they can walk, they walk.

That's the whole point of taking a walk for me. I want the kids to exercise. lol!

If you take walks regularly and have several little ones, I can see this stroller being super handy and it looks comfy for the kids too! I love that the seats face outward verses just forward. :)

hwichlaz 06-03-2019 06:48 AM

I use this holds 4 kids and I put super large carbiners on the side for big kids to hold and walk. I pimped it out by adding high chair seat covers so I have something easily removeable wand washable.

Ariana 06-03-2019 06:57 AM

That looks super cool and I know a few ladies that have a similar one and they basically use it for grocery shopping and exercise walking. I think it would be worth it if this is what you used it for. Going to the park maybe not since I can just use my double stroller and/or wagon for the non walkers. I live fairly close to the park though.

Would be nice to have the money to just have it in my garage “just in case” :D

trix23 06-04-2019 04:24 PM

I have a 6-seat stroller by Foundations brand. I believe it was $700 new from Amazon and I love it. Used it to bring my son to pre-k so that I could keep all the littles contained.

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