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momneedscoffee 10-24-2016 01:04 PM

Discipline for 20 mo old
My daughter who turns 2 in February has recently developed a very sassy attitude. She screams no and get out when she is upset. She has been physical with myself and her peers at daycare - slapping, pulling hair, and even biting :( I obviously reprimand her verbally and encourage good behavior, as well as praise her when I see her sharing, playing nice, or hugging. I take her away from the others if I notice she is becoming agitated, bit that only lasts so long... I am just not sure how else to discipline her? I've tried time outs but they don't seem to do much. Her behavior needs to improve, I really dread having to tell the other parents that my child bit theirs!

Ariana 10-24-2016 01:34 PM

What works for me is acknowledging the feelings. So if she is acting angry say "it looks like you are feeling angry, you can say I am angry when you are feeling angry". Then she might start saying that. Giving words to emotions is key at this age. Keep repeating this with frustrated, annoyed....

Talk about feelings at circle time as well to help solidify the names for emotions.

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