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dave4him 10-26-2012 07:11 PM

Hate Feeling Pushy On A Text
I texted one of my moms today about her kid asking if she would be in Monday. Mom has been off and on at work so her baby girl comes not so often. She is on DHS as well so there is nothing i can do when shes not here but not get paid. I asked her if there was anyway she could pay on the days she is not coming, she said no since she cannot afford to that is why she is on DHS. I really hated feeling pushy for even asking but when it comes to income there is not a lot i can do when the parents dont bring their kids... please tell me im not being pushy

blandino 10-26-2012 07:51 PM

Not at all !!
You are not being pushy at all. That was one of the many reasons we stopped taking DHS payments. She should have the courtesy to bring her, for the minimum hours needed to count as full-time, if you are holding a spot for her. I know there are certain stipulations (at least in OK) about asking DHS clients to pay you. We can't even ask for them to pay for the days they don't come.

However, I have seen people solve this problem by sending out a notice saying that her spot is a full-time opening only, and her child must attend daycare x hours on x days a week (the minimum that you need to get paid for full-time), unless they are ill. Or you will be unable to hold the child's position.

bluemoose_mom 10-26-2012 08:17 PM

First off, no you are not being pushy. I don't have any state assistance people, but I interviewed one this week. I said I would only take the children into care if I billed on my normal schedule and rate, and he was reimbursed what the state "owed" based on the hours he used. This is the only way I would take a person who was on daycare assistance.

However, I called social services, and they said that I'm allowed to do that.

He was supposed to drop off his deposit yesterday, and never showed. He no longer has those spots reserved, and I will not be taking him as a client. I do not chase payments. PERIOD.

dave4him 10-26-2012 08:22 PM

She can't miss more than ten days a month I believe. I'll just use my time productively, we can get out easier with one less baby :)

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