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Angry Horrible Daycare Director - What Can I Do?

I work at a church-run daycare, and the executive director is absolutely HORRIBLE to the children in her "care." I was there for about 10 minutes on my first day, and was utterly appalled by they way she talked to the kids. One little boy peed his pants (his parents only started potty training him the week before) and she chewed him out in front of all the other children and adults, refused to let him go outside for playtime, and told him he was going to wear his wet pull-up for the rest of the day. All the children are scared to death of her, but apparently none of them tell their parents anything when they go home. The other employees are intimidated by her, and they don't speak up about the things she's doing.

There are also privacy and sanitary issues I could go into, but right now my main concern is these poor kids. They're absolutely terrified of this woman. One little boy went absolutely hysterical this week because he wet his pants, and was afraid this woman would find out. She's just a very unkind, intolerant person when it comes to these kids, and has neither the patience nor the disposition to be working with small children. I considered talking to her husband (he's the church's pastor), but I was informed that he'd only side with her.

What can I do? I've been waiting for the opportunity to pull one of the parents aside and let them know what's going on. I'm not trying to start problems within the daycare, but if it were my child, I would absolutely want to know that this woman was terrorizing and bullying her on a daily basis.

Is there somewhere I can report this? I'm not looking to get fired, as I feel like I need to be there to protect these kids. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
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