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Angry Don't Allow the Children to Stay in tis Situation

Wow, I feel for you and the kids. I only wish my parents had pulled me out of the church school my brother and I went to. I am not saying that all church-based schools are bad. It is just they get away will so much because of the power of the church. They expect us to be understanding and forgiving of them but they abused us. It scarred us in ways that lasted a lifetime. Our parents told us later in our teens that if they had known what was going on they would have pulled us out of there sooner.

You are in a tough place because this woman has the support of the very person that is in charge of the wellbeing of the children. Most likely this church is state exempt and does not need a license but that does not mean they can do as they please. I would contact your states licensing agency and make them aware of the intolerable situation at your school. Take it from me, it is hell on the children. This is a time when they should be enjoying their childhood and not fearing the learning process. You can find you state's contact nunbers here.

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