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Unhappy I'm sorry you're in this situation...

How horrible for these children! But if the director is the wife of the pastor, you're probably right in your assumption that nothing will be investigated by going to him. And if you speak up to him or her, what's probably going to happen is you're gonna get fired, and then if you report it after that, what are they gonna say when state gets there? "She's only saying these things because we let her go." So make the call, report the abuse, do it anonymously if you want to, and make sure to keep following up until something is done. Your oblilgation is to these children. Until something happens, I would stay like you are and act as a shield for them. If the parents don't know and the pastor and director are acting together, the children have no one looking out for them but the staff that stays with them. And after you report it I would talk to the parents as well, so they know in case nothing comes of reporting it right away. What I wouldn't do is talk to the parents before you report it because then they're going to go straight to the director and say "well so and so said...and I want to know if it's true" and then they're going to get a heads up that you're reporting them. If the other staff know this too, you should all be making reports. Yesterday. Until these kids are safe.
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