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Default Any Suggestions? - Pushy, Bossy, Teases Others

I have a dcb that is almost 4, he has been with me since he was an infant. The last year he has become a little difficult. He is pushy, bossy, always has to speak over everyone, teases others and copies what everyone else does, so if I say Johnny please don't throw the car he will turn around and do it, and when I talk to him I feel like nothing I say gets through to him. I put him in time outs and it just doesn't seem to help or improve, within minutes he's back to it. He's more worried about what the others are doing either to join in or to be just bossy. When he's not playing nice I have him sit alone and do a puzzle alone or read or something quiet, usually he doesn't want to do anything though but watch and try to talk to the others. He tells the others to get away from him. I feel like I don't know what else to try so I was wondering if you have any other suggestions. I've talked to mom and she does care and she talks to him and it works for a day or two so any suggestions would be great
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