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Originally Posted by Meeko View Post
I have a separate liability release form that each parent must sign. I have a had a few parents question it, but I tell them exactly what the attorney I had go over it say......

....if I am truly negligent...the form isn't worth the paper it's written on. Parents don't have to think that a provider is untouchable if she causes harm to a child through negligence or abuses the child etc. Nothing can save her if that's the case.

What it DOES stop is the parent who gets mad because Angel fell over her own feet in the driveway. The ones who will then sue for millions because Angel was going a to be a model and now the teeny tiny mark on her face has put an end to her dreams and she will therefore be traumatized for life and need life long therapy.......and it's all the provider's fault because her driveway was too get the idea.

I haven't had a parent yet who wasn't fine with it after I explain the liability release is not an OK for me to be negligent. It protects me from SILLY lawsuits.
This is excellent advice Meeko!

It is a great way to explain to parents the difference between negligence and accidents.
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