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The directors never like to hold their own.
They rarely show up. When they do they
Have another teacher assistant do their class.
The head teacher is left with alot on her plate.
The head teacher has gotten way too aggressive.
She yells alot and scares them. She grabs them really hard too!
Her behavior has been made aware. The directors didnt care
They just need their school open for the money.
The school isn't clean. Look closely. Toys are gross sitting in germs!
The walls and vents have what looks like mold. The floors are always disquieting and have bugs everywhere! It's sad to say that a place like this is still running.
Some of the workers there are really good with he children. They don't seem to do much about the head teacher though. They just want their pay check. This head teacher and directors need to stop their habits. Wake up and realize what kind of field they are in and fix them selves before they really hurt a child worse than what was seen...

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