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Question Google Voice vs Dedicated Land Line

I know I will need a phone number for parents to reach me however I am not sure should I use... I am 100% sure I do not want to text parents and I do not want them to text me but other than that I am flexible.

a dedicated land line
- only $20 per month with my internet package
- already set up but I need to set up the voicemail
- pro in that parents cannot text me

or a

Google Voice line
- I think this is free
- calls can be forwarded to cell or home
- completely dedicated phone number instead of giving out what was once my house number

What are all of your thoughts? Suggestions?
When you call a Google Voice line does it indicate each call as a Google voice call?

I need to decide this ASAP as I need to start marketing for a January enrollment date.

Thanks in advance.
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