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Originally Posted by Josiegirl View Post
Absolutely LOVE achildsgardenofthyme! The more I read, the more I feel like a Hippie Mother Earth chick and thinking back to my late teens/early 20's, that's what I was and did. Then real life came and got in the way. I definitely need to change my lifestyle AND that of what I offer the children in my care. And as with everything else, we can take away what works and leave what doesn't, right? If I was starting this life all over again, I would have gone to college and training for this.

I was 40 when I got my CDA and 46 when I got my Associate's...did most of it online and it took a while cause my own kids were small at the time. This job, though, takes alot of HEART as well and you have alot of HEART. I find that I use my experiences and heart the most in this profession. My degrees, I feel, just solidify what I do and give me a plaque for the wall for the WORLD to see. Some take notice, some don't but I have brought attention to my wall of accolades for those who are looking for "bobbie jo babysitter" I put in some long hours for those degrees so I hope the clients that I do enroll, whether they like me or not, appreciate and respect my dedication to this profession??? I can dream that there are still parents out there that do CARE!
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