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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
I do. I require shoes the child can put on themselves and I require them to NOT be vel-cro or open other words NO Crocs or flip flops or sandals. Shoes with laces.

As for the parents insisting the shoes are fine and fit well, just ask them to show you....

"DCM/D, I am having trouble with Jill's shoes so there must be some sort of trick I am missing, can you show me how you do it?" ......and then watch how mom (or dad) does it.

YES! I had a dcd tell me the kids boots (that are a size smaller than his sneakers) fit fine. I asked him to show me, maybe dcb was resisting or curling toes or something with me. Then I watched him try for 10 minutes before finally removing the liner. Kinda defeats the purpose of the winter boot if they aren't insulated.

and no- he had never been brought in WEARING the boots.
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