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Originally Posted by Cat Herder View Post
Free printable shoe size chart from Gap may help.

We are all so different. I don't allow shoes with laces for kids who can't tie their own shoes. I love crocs for summer/water play. I prefer velcro sneakers. I do not allow open toe shoes year round. If they don't fit, I send them home in loaners with their other pair in a bag for replacement.
Yes, definitely different.
Your goal is total care.
Mine is total independence.

My littlest DCK's can get their own shoes on. Depending on the number of times per day we go outside, they get a first hand demonstration of how to tie their shoes.

As each child ages, they do some of the first steps themselves, adding additional steps as they master tying.

By the time my kiddos are 4 yrs old they ALL know how to tie their shoes.

I know many providers (not all*) prefer shoes kids can manage themselves so it makes their day easier but for me, it's not about making my day easier.
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