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Originally Posted by storybookending View Post
I donít have a specific policy when it comes to shoes as I havenít run across any problems yet. One little girl wore crocs this summer. I loved it, they were easy to slip on/off, she could run and play in them fine without them falling off and she could get them on herself really fast and then wanted to help her friends with theirs.

Iíve found these are my favorite type of shoes of all the shoes my kiddos have worn.
I hate those kind!!!

They don't dry well when wet, the holes allow the pea gravel/mulch to get inside them, and since they pull tighter with the strap, some kids have a hard time getting them on and off.

Bc- I'm with you on shoes. I would rather put the initial work in up front. Easy on means the kids can manage them (or should be able to) I LOVE sneakers. Unfortunately not a single kid in the last 3 years has been able to manage tying their own, and this is because parents don't bring sneakers with laces. Always velcro straps, or those new ones with no straps, just laced stretchy material.
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