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Question Thinking of converting our Daycare Center to NonProfit

Our daycare center has been in business for over 10 years. We are finding ourselves as of late VERY frustrated in able to afford bills, supplies and payroll. In our analysis of trying to see why we are struggling, we seem to suffer mostly from our incline in 'block grant' enrollment. We commonly have 25-30% of our 78 children funded by government block grant. We are finding now that we are at 50% enrollment. We open our doors to any and all that need our services. The block grant payments come to us anywhere between 2-3 weeks out and only pay 'their' rates, not ours. Commonly a 20-30% loss for each child. So, in the end, we are now considering moving our S-Corp business to NPO (Non-Profit). We are wondering for reasons of your own, have others out there found themselves struggling and considered the same thing???

If so... how difficult was it?? ... what where the Pros and Cons?? ... would you recommend or not??

Thanks so much for any and all input!
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