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Originally Posted by Cat Herder View Post
We are all so different. I don't allow shoes with laces for kids who can't tie their own shoes. I love crocs for summer/water play. I prefer velcro sneakers. I do not allow open toe shoes year round. If they don't fit, I send them home in loaners with their other pair in a bag for replacement.
Ditto! I hate tying shoes - if they come in with tie shoes on the shoes stay on all day, or they stay off until pick up time.

I don't even try to put too-small shoes on. They stay off until pick up time - Mom or Dad can deal with them.

Same thing with overalls, too tight pants, etc. I change the child into their extra clothes in the morning, then change them back before pick up. I have too many children to care for to spend extra time on one child's clothing/shoes.
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