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My kids don't grow fast enough to buy things that are too big, with growing room. My 31lb almost 6 year old has been in size 8 shoes for over a year. I took him shopping for school shoes and tried on a 9 and they were still WAY TOO BIG.

Clothing and shoes can be very inconsistent. We all do our best. To my things harder, my little guy wears school uniforms, and being school aged but the size of a 3 year old is TOUGH!

My 2 year old won't let shoes near is feet that aren't chuck taylors. Honestly, they are by far not the easiest shoes to take on and off even though they fit him well. I don't know what his deal is or if he's just protesting his independence (likely) - but to me it's not worth the fight. Daycare doesn't remove shoes as part of the everyday, so if they have to put them back on him it is a rare occasion.
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