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Originally Posted by lovemykidstoo View Post
How much do you guys charge for a late fee if they're past their pickup time? I have 1 family that pickup is at 5:30, but dad often is not here until 5:35. Also, I want to add that after 9 hours of care, that I charge $5 more. how would I word that?
I charge $1 a minute per child the first time.
Double that the second time.
Termination the 3rd time.

As for $ covering only 9 hours of care, I would say "$XX covers up to 9 hours of care per day. Anything over 9 hours will be billed at $____ per ____ increment of time. "

Originally Posted by lovemykidstoo View Post
Plus if you can look at my attachments above I'm not sure I like how I start it by saying, thank you for choosing me as your daycare provider yada yada. Sounds goofy I think.
Maybe start by saying "Thank you for choosing to do business with ABC Child Care!" instead?

Originally Posted by lovemykidstoo View Post
This is my new version. What am I missing? It looks so boring and negative to me. For my new families starting, I'm starting to implement $5 more for over 9 hours. I have a new baby starting next week and normally she will be 7:45 to 4:00, but when dad is out of town it will be 5:15. I don't want mom to think that they can add another 1 1/4hrs for the same daily rate of $35 (which reminds me, I forgot to add that to this sheet lol), so I'm saying anything over 9 hours is $5 more. The thing is though I don't want them to drop off late and pick up at 5:15 either, so how do I word that. Also, anything after 5:15 is considered late. How much do you charge past that?
"Late drop off does not equate to late pick up. Each family is required to adhere to their contracted times unless arrangements have been made AND approved in advance"

Late pick up fees are stated above.
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