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Default Introducting Basic Spanish & Sign Language 3-5 Year Olds

Does anyone have a SPECIFIC website or company they use for teaching introduction to Spanish (everyone here speaks ONLY English) and introduction to sign language?

I want to be able to add in fun tidbit facts when working mostly with 4-5 year olds and teach basic Spanish words and sign language. I don't know either very well and don't want to stress out trying to figure out some simple teachable words to do each week/month.

I have a sign language alphabet poster so we can learn how to sign the letters as we work on them throughout the year and I know SOME baby sign language, but do you have a fun way to teach maybe 8-12 words a month or tie it into a seasonal theme?

What should I do/How should I go about teaching a few Spanish words and sign language words each week? I use to purchase curriculums and remember they would include a few flashcards each month but I quit doing any curriculum I have to buy instead I create my own things to do.
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