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Originally Posted by Dabill View Post
Ok.. I'm trying to figure out if I'd be able to make enough income after paying the mortgage, utilities, etc.. after I get started I would like to have my mom work with me, which would be another expense.. I just think it'd be nice to have a separate space and be able to leave your job!
I make a pretty nice income.
You are planning well!

I am licensed for 12-14 and usually have 12
I donít take kids once they start school.
My DH is also self-employed and assists as a second (licensed) caregiver when necessary so I donít currently have an employee that I have to pay but have in the past.

If you your area has the need for care options and you can buy/built efficiently you can absolutely turn a good profit.

Know your areaís needs and create a good business plan.
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