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Default WWYD? New Licensing Rule Re Screen Time

(6) Except for occasional special events, children's screen time on media such as television, cell phones, tablets, and computers shall:
(a) not be allowed for children 0 to 17 months old;
(b) be limited for children 18 months to 4 years old to 1 hour per day, or 5 hours per week with a maximum screen time of 2 hours per
activity; and
(c) be part of a media plan that addresses the needs of children 5 to 12 years old.

So, when I have a new child who is having a hard time with separation anxiety...I can no longer use some Elmo time to help them adjust. I just have to....not accept them????? Because I really don't want to hear them screaming for hours and hours.

When I feel like crud because I am sleep deprived or half sick...I can no longer put on a show and lie on the sofa, using the show to help keep kids easier to supervise. I have to give them less adequate supervision or CLOSE.

I can no longer put on a Youtube playlist as part of my homeschool child and pre-K children's educational plan...because a toddler or infant month old might see it?

My licensor said that she didn't think this would pass, but it did. She said that no one would be looking over my shoulder. They would just ask me in interview. But what do I say? What are my choices????

I am sooo mad. I don't have an assistant except a little bit in the Winter when DH isn't doing his 2nd job doing lawns. I help children who have a hard time adjusting. I have a GREAT program. What do they think I am? Some kind of Mary Poppins robot????? Do they think that parents can take MORE days off work when I'm not feeling great???? We don't get to watch a movie, because I follow licensing on letting infants and toddlers nap on their own schedule which means they NAP AT DIFFERENT TIMES?????

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