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Originally Posted by Tigerlilly View Post
What about an assistant? When I read the rules book it did not say I am required to have assistant. But I just printed off my orientation check list and it sort of reads like I am required to provide an adult assistant that is CPR first aid trained.

So it sounds like I have to have an employee on call?
I think what you are referring to is the emergency back up person. This person comes to your recuse when you get ill or even a child is ill or any other situation that may need more than one person to handle. This person is meant to be used for unplanned events and basically while you are on site. This person can be left alone with the kids as long as you have called the parents for pick up.

I have three people I have listed to call as back up, however only one is on file with the state but all have signed agreement in my DC binder. I did three because I can not control their whereabouts daily or prevent them from getting sick.

I did not have to prove any CPR or background check on any back up person, including the one that is on file with the state.

I also have my dh as my assistant, he can cover for me if I have to leave early or to sick to care. He does have a background check and CPR (plus the other stuff). But during the day he unavailable for emergency back up, as he works.

If this does not answer your question please post the rule number, so I can look into it.
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