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Originally Posted by CityGarden View Post
What sort of compromises are they seeking?

I am in the minority but being responsive and somewhat flexible while getting established has allowed my business to thrive as a newbie. In general I am not flexible on my illness policy, rates, hours or when and how payment is due but I have been flexible at times... for example

At a parent's request I offered a 4-day rate since the parent was off on one weekday each week.

When a 2-day family wanted to increase to 3-days I did not make them completely switch schedules to M/W/F (which is my set 3-day program). I allowed her dd to stay with her T/TH friends and just add on an additional day that we mutually agreed upon.

I am very accommodating of food allergies. (It's easy to be though because I serve snacks only, they bring their lunch from home.)

I have a one hour drop off window in the morning even though I would rather it be 15 minutes and be done with that said I like to be flexible and kids to arrive unhurried so they have a better start then dcm stressing out to arrive in a small window of 15 minutes.

I will add that some parents when you give a little they keep asking so instead of doing that I try to build in some flexibility to my program from the start.
She wanted an hourly rate and to pay less on top of that. My contract says $150 a week for full time, that is $3.00 an hour. It's also a dollar less an hour than most places locally as it is.
She also did not like my policy asking for payments on Friday for the following weeks service.

I just suggest a few other day cares in town that she might be interested in. She will find those daycare charge $40 and $42 a day.

I do offer some concessions to clients. I do not charge for my sick days or vacation time and I give families 4 days a year they can take off for any reason and I won't charge them.
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