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I recently had a parent gift me a small ball pit made by Infantino. It’s shaped like a turtle and meant for younger children. I can comfortably place my 7 and 8 month olds in there together and they love it. My 17 month old loves it too. I have a pretty strict “no throwing” rule in general in my playroom and the ball pit is no exception. Throwing the balls out or all over the place has not been an issue at all, though it may be because my group is so young.
Very briefly I had an extra pack n play on hand and put about 100 balls in it. I used it to entertain and contain my 2 of 3 kids while in the living room while I had my hands full with diaper changes/feedings/etc. They loved it but I added a 4th child to my daycare and needed the pack n play back. At some point I will likely purchase a small inflatable pool and put the balls in that in my playroom once they outgrow the Infantino turtle ball pit.
I have a small, short tunnel as well but it’s currently put away. My 17 month old loved it initially (was about 14 months at the time) but then began a bad habit of jumping/throwing herself on top of it from the outside and I couldn’t seem to get that habit curbed so the tunnel is put away for now. It’s a collapsible (fabric and flexible wire) kind and I was afraid she would jump on it and collapse it with one of the other little ones inside it.
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