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I HATE ball pits.

(I have tried the PVC DIY one and have a blow up pool)

The balls are tossed and pitched everywhere.
I spend more time saying "keep the balls in the pool" and/or "stop throwing the balls" that it's not fun for any of us.

I also HATE the pop-up tents and tunnels.

I've always got that one kid that has to try and lay down (from the outside) on whoever is on the inside of the tunnel and then the one inside cries.

Or I have kiddos that get half way through and get freaked out and want out NOW! Well...I am not climbing into it to help so figure out how to crawl all the way in or out.

The tents just fold back up if they aren't used correctly and so far in all my years of business I have yet to figure out how to get them to not try to move it all over or lay on its sides (collapsing it etc) so honestly, I personally find them BOTH to be a bigger PITA than they are worth.

But that might just be me.
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