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Originally Posted by Tigerlilly View Post
She wanted an hourly rate and to pay less on top of that. Wow. I charge what I charge.
It's well thought out and I know what I can/can't live with. So that would be a "no" from me.

My contract says $150 a week for full time, that is $3.00 an hour. It's also a dollar less an hour than most places locally as it is.

She also did not like my policy asking for payments on Friday for the following weeks service. When does she think she should pay???? I would never agree to not having pre-payment.

I just suggest a few other day cares in town that she might be interested in. She will find those daycare charge $40 and $42 a day.

I do offer some concessions to clients. I do not charge for my sick days or vacation time and I give families 4 days a year they can take off for any reason and I won't charge them.
Bottom line on these is that you offer what you offer. I would pinch off the conversation if she didn't like what you offer. I definitely wouldn't enroll. It's inappropriate. It would be like going to Wendy's and complaining that they don't sell Whoppers. If they want a Whopper, they can go to Burger King.
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