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Originally Posted by tenderhearts View Post
I have 2 daycare mom's expecting right now, due within a couple of months of each other. One of the families has only been with me since September, there was no mention of baby coming so it was never brought up, then a couple weeks after they started they announced she was pregnant. I will not have an opening for this baby but I don't know if I should bring it up or wait. I know they wont need care until September of 2018 and maybe they just assume I will or aren't talking about it until closer to the time needed but I still will not have an opening. Would you just wait or tell them?
I totally understand wanting to know but honestly I see it as "not your problem".... know what I mean?

If they are just assuming that you will have space but arent asking then that is a mistake on their part.

If they don't want/need space then for you... except that you may lose a current DCK but like you said that wont happen until much farther into 2018 so I would cross that bridge when you get to it.

So that's how I'd handle it. I wouldn't.

It's not your issue so I'd let it be. If you do mention it, you'll know their plans but you might also risk losing a DCK now verses later so...there's that bridge...choose which you want to cross/deal with now.
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