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Originally Posted by e.j. View Post
Personally, I would wait. You never know what could happen between now and September. You may end up with openings that you aren't anticipating right now. Also, they could be assessing their own situation. One of them may decide to quit his/her job in order to stay home with both kids. (That's what I did when my dd was born.) If it were me, I'd sit tight and wait to see what happens. I wouldn't say anything about care until they do.
Exactly! I'm in the same boat. I have a new full time infant that I'm not terming, but I have 2 part time moms that are both pregnant and due at similar times. I may keep both of them and term a recent 12 month old that's 2 days a week. I have until about August to figure it all out. Too many things can change between now and then so even though it's driving me nuts not knowing how it will play out, I'm not going to lose income on losing the ones I have now.
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