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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
To be honest, I don't know. We misplaced our copy, have requested a new one, and she has not given us a copy yet.

I guess I'm wondering if she is found to be in violation of state statutes regarding supervision of children in a licensed home daycare (and we do have documentation/proof of that) whether we are correct in thinking that our contract with her for "licensed" care should be void?
I donít think it would be void. Licensed homes and centers alike have inspections all the time and many times they will get written up for something relatively minor.. not having a cover on the garbage.. not having paper towels available etc. etc. They might get a violation and in more serious cases a fine but that doesnít change the fact that they provided a service and you agreed to pay for it. I would pay the 4 weeks you owe and move on as I donít think you would have much ground to stand on in not paying the monies owed. She could get a fine from licensing though.

That being said I would never leave my daycare kids alone with anyone approved or not without informing parents aside from a true emergency. Thatís just bad business on her part.
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