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Once August comes I will be losing 4 possibly 5 children due to them going to preschool or kindergarten. The majority of the children I have leaving are 1-3 days a week part time. I am thinking I will only need to pick up 2 full time children to replace the 5 that are leaving.

Here is my dilemma. My husband and I have talked about trying for a third baby next month. If I get pregnant fairly quick I would be due between say November/December. So obviously when I would interview for my August spots the parents would know I would be expecting. I am so afraid this is going to turn parents away because I will be taking 3 weeks off due to having a csection again. I also plan to have my tubes tied while I am aready cut open....which I have heard makes the healing process more difficult and painful. Any of you go through both?? How was recovery? I have thought about trying to hire someone to care for the children instead of completely closing. How do I go about that? How does payment work with taxes?

I was talking to my husband on the phone during his lunch break earlier about all this. He was hesitate about having 3rd for a while because he is terrified something could happen to me during or after surgery and him being a single father to 3 children. Well I had finally talked him into a 3rd child. He was all about having a 3rd and now he is second guessing it when I told him it may be hard for me to pick up new clients if they know I am expecting. I know I won’t be able to afford all of my bills on just the children staying so it is mandatory that I pick up 2 full time children.

Have any of you when in this situation? Does it scare potential families away from signing up?

Any advice??
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