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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Any of you go through both?? How was recovery?
I had both on my third C-section. It was much, much, easier than my first C-section. I was back to work, in my family childcare, 3 days after discharge (27 yo). I got up and moving ASAP in the hospital, did not eat gassy veggies, pushed clear fluids and refused narcotic pain meds after 24 hours (motrin was great). It made all the difference. No rebound pain or grog. I then modified my work environment a bit to help me.

* I cooked meals in advance.
* Changed diapers on the floor.
*Postponed all potty trainers 2 weeks. Parents could opt in or leave.
* Stopped taking S/A's for two weeks. Parents were great.
* Taught the DCK's how to help me help them. Kids are amazing when they can tell you are hurt.
* I fenced all play areas with baby gates to limit runners so I could catch up when needed.
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