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I feel I should chime in, as my regulations do differ from those who have already posted. I am located in WV. My regs specify (as a Family Child Care Home Provider) that I may use a substitute under the attached circumstances.

It does not specify any trainings, background check requirements, etc. Merely that parents must be notified in advance of using a substitute and the time-frame limits providers must abide by. Of course, household members (such as my husband, who serves as my primary back up) must undergo background checks, as well. But that is a difference to consider. Essentially, it was explained to me that back ups are considered to be my responsibility and fall under my discretion. They are ultimately serving under my license, and any offenses will hold ME liable, even in my absence.

Of course, insurance liabilities and each individual contract my say otherwise. And the fact remains that you should have been informed in any case...
Iíd pay, and as BC suggested, pursue small claims for reimbursement if you do feel that you are owed the monies paid. A service was rendered, so it probably isnít in your best interest to try to skip out, otherwise, the provider may hold YOU liable, and youíll have to potentially pay fees and court costs, too.

Just my .02 cents!
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