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Unhappy Parent Not Giving Required Notice

Ok does anyone have a form or letter to send/give to parents who continuously do not show up at scheduled times and do not give the required 2 hour notification per signed contract. I have 1 mom who in the last week has done this 3 times to me. I have had to contact her to find out if she was bringing the child or not.
We have a signed contract along with a handbook and yet she does this week after week. Thinking of terminating care as this is becoming a regular habit. I just want all proper documentation first. Anyone have suggestions........ I'm beyond fed up. She even tries to tell me that I have to watch her son when it is not a scheduled day or time. I bring up our signed contract and that I am under no obligation on my "days off" yet every other week she tries to pull it all again. HELP
Wendy S Freed
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