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Originally Posted by Pandaluver21 View Post
Wrote back today and asked to "come take a look" Not sure what to say...
I feel like I should at least meet her in person? But the other side of me wants to RUN from the crazy lady!

I am currently fighting both influenza A and B, and don't want to do any walkthrough's until next week anyway...
Sometimes those family's do turn out to be good clients.
I believe because I was able to set the record straight from the get go.... being able to lay out the rules and let her know that you expect full cooperation for all your policies might just be a message she needs to hear...

Maybe her previous provider was super lax or her bff's provider was etc...who knows where people get their ideas of what daycare is/isn't from... I just know that it helps to lay out the rules clearly and concisely and then enforce them 100% and you really have no reason to doubt that a parent isn't capable of following them...kwim?

I'd set up an interview, discuss your policies with her and feel it out...if she hints at or gives you any reason to think she isn't "getting it" and will more than likely be a boundary pusher, send her a "sorry, I can't meet your needs and wont be enrolling your family but thank you for your interest" e-mail.
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