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Originally Posted by Pandaluver21 View Post
I just got an inquiry about an opening. I asked her if she had any questions and she wrote me back.

1st question- Could I extend pickup time 15minutes
Following questions- Are we "certified", How long have we been working with kids, has there been any reports against us (said she was going to look anyway, just wanted to see what I'd say...)
She then asked a couple other questions that I have no idea what they were because of typos.
She said this was going to be hard for her because she's used to watching her daughter "all day everyday"

Do any of these seem like red flags to you?
First off, asking us to change hour hours right off the bat seems weird. I've done this job too long without a backbone and it seems like I'm asking for trouble to take someone that wants times changed right away. (also, we are a preschool not a daycare) Many of the questions she asked are on our website, so I assume she didn't actually look at it. And the "I'm going to look anyway" almost seems like she's trying to catch me in a lie? Trust me, nothing to lie about here!
The asking if you could extend pickup time really doesn't bother me, but the highlighted part where she asks you a question and says she's going to look anyway, but wanted to see what you'd say is insulting. Why doesn't she come out and say that she wants to see if you'd lie to her. That part sticks in my craw.

I hope you feel better fast!!!
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