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Originally Posted by Ariana View Post
My daycare parent told me she has her kid in a Monday morning preschool class. She never once mentioned to me that she wanted him to learn his letters and numbers in a concrete way. She is an ECE like me so I thought we were on the same page. It threw me for a loop because I would have gladly did that with him for the money she is paying the preschool.

I didn’t really say anything about it and in your case I wouldn’t say anything either. Maybe just bring up whether or not she wanted you to do more preschool type stuff with him and see what she says?
That what confused me though. I am more of a preschool type environment. I advertise myself as an educational in-home daycare and preschool. I have weekly learning themes as well as monthly learning goals. For example, this week our learning theme is Dr Suess and February's learning goals are:

Letters: N and O
Colors: Red and Pink
Shape: Heart
Math Concept: Patterning
Opposite Pair: Clean and Dirty
Positive Social Goal: Caring for Others
Sight Word: in

I have parents who have enrolled their children with me for their last year before starting K so I can assist them in K prep.

So, it has to be something. I am more curious about asking so I can see if it is something I can fix for future clients vs wanting this one to stay. I don't want this one to go, but it's like a break up...once the thought of leaving is there, they are already gone.
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