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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I'm just trying to figure this out. I have a lady wanting care 5 days a week but it's only 5 hours a day but I charge $28 a day weather they are here 5 hours or 10 and I'm not sure I can find another kid to fill the remaining time and I consider 5 days a week full-time.

Unfortunately the state pays hourly and will only pay for the hours her child is being cared for. Am I still allowed to charge for the remaining even if the child was not here? I do for the other kids but not sure since this would be my first state pay parent.
You should call your subsidy program and ask them. My subsidy program only covers up to certain hours per week and sometimes the parents use more than they are allotted. I also charge weekly like you do and they don't reimburse weekly just daily/hourly etc. We're allowed to charge the client for the difference though, not a lot of other agencies do from what I hear. Our agency also allows us to charge late payment fees, overtime fees etc because they don't cover those.
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