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Originally Posted by Country Kids View Post
In MI do you have anything on line that shows the rate the states will pay?

I know for my state, different areas get paid different amounts from the state. So my zip code get paid more than a zip code 20 miles away.

Might see if you can find something on line. Our state puts the rates on so parents/providers can find them and know what rates are.

I know we can't charge state parents more than we charge private parents. I do know though providers sometimes have different contracts for their state parents, then their private parents. This is where the hourly vs. daily might come in.
Yes the rates are online in the CDC book. Our rates in Michigan are based off from our star rating not area. And then they broke down between age groups. For instance three star, ages newborn to two and a half get $3.40 an hour. The rate drops once the child turns two and a half. More stars more money per hour.
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