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"In addition to mandating new health and safety requirements, the Federal Government recommends child care subsidy rates be established at 50% of the most current market rate survey." The average weekly subsidy rate paid per child in my area is $89.34. We can't charge the difference.

There have been a lot of issues recently because "a child must be a U.S. citizen, or have established U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) status as a lawfully admitted qualified alien."

Providers often are not told the child no longer qualifies until after a child is enrolled and services provided. After no payment (or even owing arrears) they are told: "If you are in this position, write a letter detailing the events and circumstances that occurred that resulted in caring for these children, that the children are not eligible to receive subsidy despite being told otherwise, and requesting that the costs be reimbursed by *the county*. (this is specifically relevant to my area as a rural farming community with a large community of migrant workers whom are only here a potion of the year. We welcome them but struggle to provide for them financially.)

In the past the government shutdowns ended in providers never being reimbursed at all with no recourse. Subsidy is simply too unstable for me to opt in my State.
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